Bespoke solutions for business needs in WordPress or Laravel

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Development and Guidance in WordPress and Laravel

Custom Theme Development

We specialize in taking your carefully crafted design comp and turning it into a custom theme that is both highly performant for end users and easy to update for content editors.

We have a refined process to mix standard WordPress blocks with our custom set of foundational blocks that represent common design elements on sites. These foundational blocks have been developed for and used on multiple projects and bring a balance of out-of-the-box functionality and hooks for custom designs. For every site we build, we adapt and refine the foundation blocks based on project requirements. This gives us a good starting point for rapid development but allows us to accommodate the nuances of each project so that the unique design can be brought to fulfillment.

Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugin development to match business needs. Maybe you need to change some core WordPress behavior or bridge behavior between two existing plugins or integrate a 3rd party system. We can turn your pain points into working solutions.

Greenfield App Development

We can help you bring your project to life, whether it’s an internal app to support your marketing team or an idea for development as a sales tool or an integration for the latest LLM system. We’ll be there to help identify project requirements, build a roadmap, and deliver on the vision.


We’ve worked both with design agency partners and directly with clients on many projects over the years. Here is a sample of key projects.

Institute Pictures Site Build


Video-rich site for media production company. Includes display video teaser by specifying start and end times of full-length video.

d-Matrix Site Build


Strong visuals on a short timeline leveraging a phased approach and foundational blocks for rapid iteration.

CAPE Analytics Site Build


A visually rich site built on top easy-to-use foundational blocks to empower in-house content editors to manage their own site.

Autometrix Solution Finder


Adapted static product brochures to an interactive interface for the website to help potential customers understand which of Autometrix’s custom cutting solutions was the best fit for their needs.

Skipjack AI


Your personal AI assistant to add context to conversations with AI. A Red Madrone Solutions project.

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